Software-defined enterprise-class network bundle today for $66/month!

Service Packages


We offer service plans in a subscription format with monthly and yearly term options.  Bundled devices are placed on a common term.  A la carte devices are placed on the term selected for the device(s).  You can view and manage all of your subscriptions through our customer portal.


Bundle Plans

The bundle plans are built on the core bundle of components that provide you with the foundational network framework services of security, switching, and wireless.  When selecting a bundle plan, you can also add devices to expand your network by selecting the additional types and quantities of components needed to meet your requirements.

The core bundle package offers a 20% discount on the subscription price of the same components when selected A la carte.

When individual devices are added to a core bundle they are offered at up to a 40% discount on the subscription price of the same individual component.


A La Carte Plans

Individual device plans allow you to build your own network layout by selecting the types and quantities of components you need to meet your network requirements.

Installment Plans

The installment plans are offered for individual and bundle packages, providing you with 0% financing of the hardware by spreading the hardware payments equally over the length of your selected subscription.  We add a one-time 10% charge of the total cost of the hardware, also factored into the equal payments, to cover the administrative charges with supporting the installment plan options.


* Installment hardware payment plans are only available with annual subscriptions

Subscription Plan Discounts

One Year Subscription
Two Year Subscription
Core Bundle Add On
**10% to 40%


* The discounts apply to the monthly rate of individual devices and bundle plans

** The core bundle add on discount applies only to each individual device added to a core bundle subscription