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Cloud Portal

Cloud-based centralized management system using a software-defined approach to configure, monitor, and manage all of your devices.  Secure portal access from a computer or mobile device provides you with full visibility to review your site configurations and the performance of your network.


Dashboard gives you an overall network status at a glimpse:

  • Internet connection load
  • Dynamic throughput and latency monitoring
  • Number and type of components online
  • Number of active clients, including guests
Unifi Controller Dashboard



Speed Test automation tracks your internet connection latency and speed

Unifi Controller Speed Test Monitoring



Devices page provides a summary of the operational components on your network with key information such as the model, software version and uptime.

Unifi Controller Device Status



Clients shows you a list of all of the devices connected to your network, to include key technical identifying information such as IP and MAC address.  Their connection method is shown with traffic statistics to provide immediate insight into per device performance on the network.

Unifi Controller Clients



Statistics provide you with a summary profile of the types of traffic on your network, which allows you to filter down by applications and by users.

Unifi Controller Traffic Statistics



Network events and alerts are automatically captured to facilitate a rapid response to problem reports and unplanned events.





The software-defined network approach stores configurations for device types in a layer above the physical networking components.  This makes the actual configuration used for your devices independent of the device.  In the event of a device failure, a new component is swapped in and it's configuration is easily restored.

Automated backups for your entire site's configuration is implemented to allow for a complete restoration of your network.