Software-defined enterprise-class network bundle today for $66/month!

Getting Started

Whether your turning up a new network or you want to transition your current network to an enterprise class solution, we will work with you throughout the process to educate you on your network design solution and work to get you up and running as fast as we can.

Step 1 ... Identify the solutions needed to satisfy your network requirements.  Need help?  We are here to help!  Send us an email at to schedule a meeting to discuss your network needs.  We'll help you design the right network for you!

Step 2 ... Once your ready, go select the appropriate devices and subscription right on our website.  You'll receive an email notification and the fulfillment process will begin.  We'll keep you updated along the way.

Step 3 ... Complete the customer site survey to provide us with the information we need to prepare your network configuration.

Step 4 ... When you receive your shipment, take a quick inventory to verify that all equipment and cabling has been received.  Unbox all of the devices, install them in the planned locations, connect them using the cabling per the design solution diagram provided, power up the devices, and confirm the connected interfaces show a link light.  You are now ready to go to schedule an activation window on our website.

Step 5 ... During the activation window you will use a mobile device or computer to work with us to connect your devices to our centralized cloud management system.  We'll provision the network configuration to your devices, monitor for your approved device connections to the network, and you can verify all of your network services are working.

We will ensure that your support account are enabled and you have access to reach out to us.  Now you're new managed enterprise network is up an running!