Software-defined enterprise-class network bundle today for $66/month!


Zero Cost Hardware Replacement

Once you have subscribed to our service, you will never have to pay for network equipment again until it's time to fully refresh the hardware!  If you have active subscription at the time of a full refresh, you will receive a customer discount of up to 50% off for the new hardware!

For the term of your service subscription, all network equipment is covered by a zero cost hardware replacement service.  In the event of a hardware issue, we will replace the defective device at no cost to the customer.  If you have purchased a cold spare device, we will replenish your cold spare inventory at no cost to the customer whenever a cold spare is moved into operation due to defective or faulty hardware.



Network redundancy or high availability is defined as the ability of a system or system component to be continuously operational for a desirably long length of time.  Designing for redundant network services is always something that you should be considered.  While there is a cost to implementing redundant networks, the trade off is in the complexity of the design and the availability of network services.  In a typical network where redundancy is implemented, the cost of hardware and licensing is effectively doubled.  Additionally, you have to also include maintenance contracts that provide you with vendor hardware and software support when there are problems that require technical assistance.

With our current solution and software-defined network approach, the cost of maintenance contracts are eliminated as vendor technical support is made available to all customers.  This includes access to an extensive database of support documentation and a robust community of active users.  Our primary role will be to manage your network system and device, responding to events we observe through monitoring and customer problem reports.  We will work with the vendor, as needed, to resolve all networking issues and keep you updated accordingly.


Cold Sparing

We offer our customer the option to purchase cold spare devices to be kept on site and to be used in the event of a device hardware issue.  There is no monthly service fee associated with cold spare hardware.  Replacing an operational device with a cold spare is covered as a feature of our support services.


All equipment is covered by the vendor product warranty